Narmada Samachar

  • Story of NBA Karyalayas, Over the Years : Nandini Oza

    Story of NBA Karyalayas, Over the Years : Nandini Oza

    State power deliberately undermines people’s movements that get their strength from the collective- collective conviction, collective determination, collective voices, and collective resistance. Mass resistance and people’s struggles do not need […]

  • Politics Over Narmada, Once Again

    The Wire, Oct 13 2017, Nisarpur: On June 6, in the largest village of Nisarpur, which is facing submergence, a crowd of 7,000 people, largely women, renewed their pledge to neither […]

  • ‘We will be like fish out of water’

    With the spirit that has infused the Narmada movement for 32 years, the mood at Chikhalda is defiant Bhagwatibai’s husband is unwell and at home with no one to attend […]

  • Before the sluice gates close

    The Sardar Sarovar project cannot be complete without resettlement of the thousands displaced or affected The decision to close the 17-m-high (55 feet) gates of the Sardar Sarovar dam was […]

  • Drowned by the dam

    The Indian Express, 7 Oct 2017; Was the ceremonial dedication of the Sardar Sarovar Dam to the nation on September 7 a success or a failure? The answer to this question […]


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