• Funding Facts

    Funding Facts

    The Jeevanshala are financed only through public support and a minimal contribution from the villagers as most of their resource is already under water of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. We […]

  • Jeevanshalas today

    Jeevanshalas today

      Currently, we have 9 residential Jeevanshalas (7 in Maharashtra and 2 in M.P.), providing primary level education. Only one of these schools is in a Rehabilitation Colony and is […]

  • Jeevanshala – The ‘Life Schools’

    Jeevanshala – The ‘Life Schools’

    The first Narmada Jeevanshalas started in two villages on the banks of the Narmada River in 1991-92. Attempts to pressurize the government to provide functional schools in place of those […]

  • Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan (NNNA)

    Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan (NNNA)

    Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan is a Trust, registered in Mumbai (India). The Trust is concentrating its activities on providing primary school level education to those adivasi children who hail from […]

  • GRA Order Dt. 28.11.2017

    GRA Order dt November 28th, 2017 The affected persons (residing in the submergence area) of Sardar Sarovar Project filed an application in regard to lacking of basic amenities like Primary & Middle […]


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